Thursday, November 30, 2006

Digital Fusion – All in ones reign supreme.

If you try and think of all the services offered today via satellite, you probably can’t count them on one hand. Cell phones, GPS, Satellite Radio, Television, Automobile tracking devices, Weather, even pictures of your house from space! The possibilities of integrating all these functions and services are now apparent, and becoming quite lucrative.

If there’s one thing that’s true today, computers perform a lot of functions that used to require massive amounts of bulky equipment to execute in the past. Thanks to digital, many electronics now multitask and complete functions virtually, allowing for comprehensive integration. Two new satellite products have just been introduced the market that promise to integrate digital satellite services in a truly unique and marketable way. The Raymarine SR100 Sirius Satellite weather receiver and the Bushnell ONIX400CR GPS/XM handheld are the latest innovations combining multiple digital powers into one convenient package.

GPS has been the easiest convenience to integrate with electronics, because it can be manipulated in so many useful ways. It’s installed into nearly all new cell phones as part of a 911 locating system, and can be found in most new automobiles and satellite radio receivers. Bushnell, a GPS device manufacturer realized this opportunity and decided to include an XM receiver chip in its newest device. What makes Bushnell’s product so cool is that it’s capable of synchronizing GPS capability with XMTraffic and XMWeather. This means that if you’re jamming to XM on the way to work in the morning, your radio will alert you of any delays, accidents, inclement weather or complications ahead, and suggest an alternate route for you to take based on your current position. Raymarine's E-Series Navigation Displays is the first to integrate with SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Marine Weather Service to show advanced, animated weather forecasts for boaters.

The concept of the digital revolution feeding off of itself is creating major possibilities for today and the future. It will be tricky trying to embrace this rapidly growing industry, and even a little bit scary. However, at least the kinds of services these toys now offer somewhat justify their outrageous price tags.


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