Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dead Air

So, it’s been two weeks since I emailed both Sirius and XM satellite radio about certain concerns I had with their service, specifically their websites. I was concerned that neither XM nor Sirius really strived to connect with their customers on an intimate level. I was right, and now I have proof that both companies could cares less. So, I figured I would let the two in on a little secret: In the world of relationship marketing, it would be most beneficial for companies to rise above the standard, typical, boring e-newsletter and start to really show concern for their hard-paying customers. Technology has evolved from the days of automated emails and websites with cool colors and no features. So why do multi-million dollar companies insist on lethargically sticking to primitive media. Both XM and Sirius act like the e-newsletter is this revolutionary solution to customer satisfaction, when in reality…it’s pretty lame. Not to mention, there’s no “what’s new” feature on either website…so I never know.

How do XM and Sirius choose to keep me informed with new innovations and products? The e-newsletter, wow good job guys. How does XM respond to my comments about their communications being just as good as dead air? They respond with even more dead air and don’t even email me back. How does Sirus respond to my comments? They send me the exact email I scrutinized them for in my previous post; three lines of superficial concern and then three pages worth of promotions and ads. Same old, same old, guys. Your satellite technology seems to be in touch with the 21st century, when can I expect your PR department to join?

Let me put it this way. Each day I wake up and am bombarded by flashy corporations trying to get my attention. In fact, one of those corporations is Apple, a direct competitor of satellite radio. Consumers’ attention these days is worth gold, and lots of it. That’s why when companies finally do succeed in getting a consumer’s attention, they usually treat it with the utmost care in order to encourage repeat business. In reality, XM and Sirius’ care for, and response to the customer is just as robotic as its digital broadcasts.


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