Thursday, October 26, 2006

Time to Step it Up

So every week I am challenged with the task of finding new and cutting edge stories about satellite radio to comment on. However, every week it seems to be such a struggle to find information about what is going on behind the scenes at XM, Sirius and the satellite world in general. I blame much of this on both XM and Sirius for having deplorable customer and media relations section on their websites. I don’t think XM or Sirius even have a “press” or “news” section, and if they do good luck finding it. Each service offers a newsletter (XM / Sirius), but in my humble opinion they are just gimmicks to steal your email address. The majority of “news” that you receive in the newsletter is just promotions for new satellite hardware, and there is minimal content related to future programming and satellite events. The newsletter is simply a weak attempt at creating an exclusive connection with listeners, and it’s time to raise the bar to 2006 standards.

In a market that is headed towards building customer and interpersonal relationships, I would think that either of the two satellite giants would have already considered more effective methods of disseminating information about their product and service. What business doesn’t have a “recent news” page, or easily noticeable press section of their website? Blogs are built upon consumer feedback about fresh content from a company or source. High-traffic blogs have proven to persuade companies in far greater ways than focus groups and customer satisfaction surveys ever had. But when that fresh content is not available for the masses to even analyze, how great of a loss is that to the company? I can honestly say that I find more information about XM and Sirius on Orbitcast, than I do on the actual company websites.

I would like to see the satellite world step up its game and get with the program. Satellite is new, it is promising and it has potential. The satellite world needs to be hyped a lot more than has been, and new information about the service/product should be everywhere.

Bottom line, the industry needs to give people something to talk about, something to fuel the buzz with, and it has failed to really do so lately. In order to truly win this audio battle, the industry needs to secure people’s confident investment in satellite technology and divert them from the competition. In order to do this, XM and Sirius need to approach the market on a new level.

It’s simple, really. Stop riding the money train, XM and Sirius and start telling me what I want and what I need to hear.


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